‘Safe but anxious’: Some stranded in Middleton businesses by flood waters

Middleton emergency personnel say they are focusing on rescuing a number of people who have been trapped in buildings overnight.

A Georgia couple is stranded with a number of others at a Deming Way hotel as historic flooding surrounded areas of that community, washed out highways and rendered others impassable.

Delise Knight and her husband Paul were in town for a vacation prior to a conference in Illinois and were staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Middleton Monday night when flood waters began to rise on Deming Way and surround the building.

Talked via video chat with some folks stranded at a hotel off Deming Way in #Middleton who have an incredible story about how they and others handled historic flooding last night. #news3 pic.twitter.com/utZB3Rr7Gl

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“We just watched it come up and we finally moved our vehicle,” Knight said. “It started coming into the lobby of the hotel so the staff along with volunteers started using towels and everything to sandbag all of the doors.”

Knight said water did get in part of the lobby, but the hotel also opened its doors to a number of people who became stranded in their vehicles, including one who they say became trapped in rising water.

“The guy stalled out and because of all the electrical he couldn’t get his windows down and couldn’t get his door open,” Knight said. “We talked to him when he made it to the hotel he used a wrench to bust his window to climb out to get to us.”

‘Safe but anxious’: Some stranded in Middleton businesses by flood waters

Knight said they were shocked to see how quickly the water swamped cars in the parking lot and headed for the doors.

“The water came all the way to the edge of the hotel and into the hotel so it’s quite remarkable,” Knight said. “The little pond in front of the hotel is not a pond anymore, it looks like a river.”

She said guests of the hotel and hotel staff pulled together to make sure everyone in the building was safe.

“We were on the fourth floor, knew that we were OK,” Knight said. “We were more fearful for the people we knew had not made it into the hotel, we were worried more for them. We knew we would be alright and that it may be a matter of time before help came.”

‘Safe but anxious’: Some stranded in Middleton businesses by flood waters

Middleton Police Chief Charles Foulke told News 3 Tuesday morning that emergency responders were still evaluating how to get some of those stranded at businesses including the Hilton Garden Inn, Fairfield Hotel, Spectrum Brands and Costco.

“They are safe but anxious to get out of there,” Foulke said.

Many roads in the Middleton area remain closed because of flood waters or damages to the roadway.

‘Safe but anxious’: Some stranded in Middleton businesses by flood waters

The Middleton City Administrator said that any residents suffering from flood-related damage are asked to call United Way of Dane County 2-1-1. He said the city is also working with the Middleton Chamber of Commerce to gather business damage assessment forms to apply for an emergency declaration to the state and federal government.

Flooding Alert Updated on 2018-08-21: Middleton has received significant amounts of rain, which has resulted in the closure of major east/west corridors, including University Ave west of the Beltline and Airport Rd west of the Beltline. Do not attempt to… https://t.co/YsoOrxTY97

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Businesses are asked to provide information in a form that will be available through the Middleton Chamber website by noon Wednesday.

“Thanks for your work to provide this information, and we wish everyone well as we battle through this catastrophe,” City Administrator Mike Davis said in a release.