SAE suspension for racist behavior another reason to rethink existence of fraternities

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And so we ask once again: should we rethink the value of fraternities on U.S. college campuses?

Is it finally time to acknowledge these organizations are an anachronism at best and a breeding ground for intolerance and bigotry at worst?

The suspension of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for UW-Madison is but the latest example of an American college fraternity exposed for racially insensitive behavior.

Typically, incidents are followed by apologies and regret, but little changes. It sure looks to us like the racist actions of these fraternities are a microcosm of the culture so many U.S. colleges are struggling to change.

If colleges are serious about creating more welcoming and inclusive environments why not start with on-campus traditions that foster the kind of behavior those colleges are trying to change?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has offered yet another example of the outlived usefulness of fraternities.