‘Sad the world is coming to that’: Neighbor reacts to day care carjacking

‘Sad the world is coming to that’: Neighbor reacts to day care carjacking

Mary Kornell’s view has been the same for a while, but in her nearly three decades near Schroeder Road she’s seen some changes she’s not happy with.

“It’s been pretty safe for the most part, but it has changed,” Kornell said. “Ever since we moved here there’s been a lot more activity through the area.”

The latest activity happened Wednesday in a part of the neighborhood she thought she wouldn’t have to worry about: La Petite Academy, where a father was picking up his 3-year-old daughter from day care.

Yesterday while a dad was picking up his 3yo daughter from daycare, two men put a gun in his face and stole his wallet and car. His car was recovered a couple miles away, but the people weren’t. If you know anything, dial it in to crime stoppers: 6082666014. #News3 pic.twitter.com/louFqOV8Dx

— Amy Reid (@amyreidreports) December 7, 2018

“He’s about to pull out of the La Petite lot when suddenly his driver side door and the front passenger door swing open, and there’s two guys on each side of the car with masks on,” said Joel Despain, the spokesman for the Madison Police Department.

With a gun a foot from his face, the two men forced the father out of the car, pulled his wallet from his pocket, and took off.

The joyride landing them on the tree lane, where they left the car with the doors open and the music blaring. The dad’s laptop and money were gone with the carjackers.

As bad as things have gotten, it’s still hard to believe for Kornell.

“It’s sad,” she said. “I don’t know what happened in our world that people have to be so violent.”

And at a place where kids are introduced to the basics of the world, this isn’t the lesson she wanted them learning.

“It’s too bad earlier than later in life as far as younger, teaching them that there are bad people out there,” she said.

But in a world where that unfortunate lesson seems to happen earlier and earlier, she wishes people would find it in their hearts to offer up something different.

“It’s the Christmas season for one,” she said. “Be more loving. Be more thankful. Pay it forward.”

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