Ryans take their 3 children out for Halloween

Paul Ryan spent day campaigning in Wisconsin
Ryans take their 3 children out for Halloween

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan took his three children trick or treating in their Wisconsin hometown of Janesville.

Ryan and his wife, Janna, took the threesome around their neighborhood Wednesday evening. Ryan said he used to go trick or treating on the same streets.

Ten-year-old daughter Liza dressed as pop star Katy Perry, an Obama supporter. His sons, 7-year-old Sam and 9-year-old Charlie, were dressed as “spooky goblins.”

Ryan spent the day campaigning in Wisconsin. When WISC-TV asked him about the Marquette University Law School poll showing Mitt Romney trailing in Wisconsin, Ryan said he wasn’t taking questions about the race and changed the subject before walking off.

The poll, released Wednesday, indicated Obama led Romney, 51-43. The survey had a margin of error of 2.8 percent.

Earlier in October, the same poll showed Obama with just a one percentage point lead.

Ryan wore a red University of Wisconsin jacket and hat. Mrs. Ryan wore a witch’s hat and veil.

Ryans take their 3 children out for Halloween