Ryan soaks up home state pride as new Romney mate

Romney hopes Ryan can help turn Wisconsin for GOP
Ryan soaks up home state pride as new Romney mate

A homecoming for newly chosen vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has caused the Wisconsin Republican to get a little emotional.

The congressman took the stage Sunday evening in Waukesha, looked out over a fairgrounds crowd of thousands, and wiped away tears.

Ryan was named Saturday as Republican Mitt Romney’s running mate. The rally was a brief stop home before Ryan embarks on his first solo swing to battleground states like Iowa and Colorado.

Ryan told the home-state crowd that his “veins run with cheese, bratwurst” and local beers.

Romney relished in the showing, too, saying it proves he made the right pick.


Though he turned misty at the reaction, Ryan turned quickly from nostalgia to the nation, saying Wisconsin’s recall election showed the state could make a statement.

“We Wisconsinites, we saved Wisconsin that day, and on November the sixth we Wisconsinites will help save America that day,” said Ryan.

Governor Romney said he was touched by the response.

“I guess you think I made the right choice,” Romney said in response to the cheers. “I know I did.”

Wisconsin has been a hard state for Republicans to crack. No presidential nominee has won its electoral votes since 1984, although some have come excruciatingly close.

Supporters believe 2012 will be different.

“This state is changing,” said Jeff Zur of Janesville. “It’s not the same state it was four years ago, when it was a Democratic landslide. It’s a new state.”

“With Gov. Walker and now with Paul Ryan, I think Wisconsin is well on its way to being red,” agreed Duwayne Severson, also of Janesville.

Romney now has hopes Ryan can help him swing what’s currently a five point margin against the president.

“You’re going to help us win the White House in November,” said Romney. “We’re counting on Wisconsin. Let’s get it done.”

Romney and Ryan will now part ways on the campaign trail, with Ryan headed for Des Moines, Iowa, and Romney taking off for the swing state of Florida.