Ryan says single debate won’t decide 2012 election

First presidential debate set for Wednesday night
Ryan says single debate won’t decide 2012 election

Paul Ryan said he doesn’t think one event — such as the first presidential debate Wednesday night — “is going to make or break this campaign.”

The GOP vice presidential candidate called President Barack Obama “a very gifted speaker” who’s been on the national stage for several years.

Ryan also made the point that Republican nominee Mitt Romney has never been in a one-on-one presidential debate.

Ryan told “Fox News Sunday” that the race is close and he expects it will stay that way until Election Day on Nov. 6.

Ryan also spoke of missteps the campaign has taken. ” 47 percent, Mitt acknowledges himself that was an inarticulate way of describing how we’re worried that in a stagnant Obama economy more people have become dependent on government because they have no economic opportunity. It was an inarticulate way to describe what we’re trying to do to create prosperity and upward mobility.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Romney is going to do “extraordinarily well” in the debate and that after Wednesday night, “this whole race is going to be turned upside down.”