Ryan Says Consistent Play Makes Badgers Good On Road

The University of Wisconsin Badgers go to Penn State on Tuesday night for a road game against the Nittany Lions.

So far, the Badgers are 4-2 in road games this year, and they’re only losses were to North Carolina and Michigan, who are both ranked. They also have a 3-2 record in the Big Ten on the road.

Why are they so good on the road? Coach Bo Ryan said it’s hard to say.

“There are some seasons when you cannot explain one over the other,” said Ryan. “But I think consistency is one of those things.”

“If you’re doing the little things– if you’re taking care of the ball, if you play pretty good defense, you have a chance to win at home or away. This team’s been doing some things to give ’em a chance. It’s early yet, it’s only half way through the Big Ten so we’ve got a lot more out in front of us,” said Ryan.

The Badgers tip off against the Nittany Lions Tuesday night at 7 p.m.