Ryan going for the luck of the ‘Pack’

Ryan going for the luck of the ‘Pack’

Rep. Paul Ryan is hoping the winning streak of his beloved Packers will rub off on his party and end a 28-year losing streak for Republican presidential nominees in his home state.

“And in Wisconsin we have shown that if leaders step up and lead we as voters have their backs. We haven’t dedicated our electoral votes since 1984 to the Republican nominee. It is time we change that,” Mitt Romney’s running mate said. “We are on a winning streak here in Wisconsin. Let’s keep that winning streak going.”

Ryan watched Sunday night’s game between Green Bay and Houston in Janesville and showed up the next morning at a town hall meeting in Waukesha sporting a Packers tie.

“There is nothing better than going to bed with 6 TDs under Aaron Rogers’ belt, huh? That was an awesome game, I got to tell you – to go down to Texas against a 5-0 team on the road and have that kind of performance. It reminds me of what it’s going to look like on November the 6th,” said Ryan.

The seven-term lawmaker and House Budget Committee chairman fielded questions for a half-hour, including one about term limits.

One man asked, “Would you and Gov. Romney consider a proposal to term limit the members of Congress, example two six year terms for US Senators and six two-year terms for a Member of Congress?”

“I’ve always supported that in Congress. That takes a constitutional amendment. What you don’t want to do is have a state do it to itself and short-change its seniority and its clout in Congress, but I’ve always been a fan of term limits,” said Ryan who in addition to being the vice presidential nominee is running for his eighth term in the House of Representatives.