Roman Candle Pizzeria delivering free pizza to nominated groups or individuals in need

People can also donate money and the pizzeria will match the donation to help serve more people
Roman Candle

MADISON, Wis. — Roman Candle Pizzeria’s founder, owner and delivery driver Brewer Stouffer is looking for ways to keep giving back to the community. Stouffer said he has been giving away free pizza for 15 years for a variety of reasons.

Now, the impact of COVID-19 has hurt his business like many others and he’s looking for new ways to keep his staff working, his business afloat and help those in need of food.

“Our sales really fell off especially in those first couple weeks when we were all freaking out,” he said. “We chose to stay open because my employees wanted to continue to work. We had some really slow days so I decided one day to take some pizza to the local fire station.”

After posting a picture from the delivery on social media, Stouffer said he received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

Stouffer said he received a private donation from someone who has paid for hundreds of pizza deliveries for others.

Now, the pizzeria is taking nominations from the community on who they should deliver free pizza to in the coming days.

“Our hope is to feed doctors, nurses, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, postal workers and all those who are continuing to work,” he said.

The pizzeria is using the hashtag #candlecares on social media to post about their deliveries and are accepting nominations from those who call any of the store locations or email

Stouffer said this is a way “just to make peoples’ lives better right now.” He added that his staff members “aren’t just making food, they’re feeding people who need it who are risking their lives.”

Stouffer said he is also offering pizza kits to take home and make your own pizza and that people have also purchased extra kits to donate to first responder’s families

“You can purchase food directly to a person or group you would like to help and we will match that donation,” Stouffer said.