Roggensack says ‘heart aches’ over court attacks

Supreme Court rules in evidence destruction case

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack said her “heart aches” over the approach taken by her opponent Ed Fallone in the race for the state’s highest court.

Roggensack said Wednesday during a joint appearance at the Madison rotary that she thinks it’s counterproductive for Fallone to base his campaign around what he calls the dysfunction of the Supreme Court.

Fallone said Roggensack needs to be replaced on the court to help reverse what he calls incivility on the court.

“We’ve seen the disciplinary case against Justice Prosser, dissolve into limbo, and we are left with no accountability. That’s why I’m running for the court, to fix this dysfunction,” Fallone said.

But Roggensack said the court is not up for election, just her. She said her nearly 17 years’ experience as a judge makes her the better choice.

“This race is not about the court. The court is not being elected come April 2nd. One justice is being elected,” Roggensack said.

Fallone has been a law professor at Marquette University for 20 years but has never served as a judge.

The election is April 2.