Rock County voter turnout expected to be at 65 percent

Janesville expected to top 70 percent turnout
Rock County voter turnout expected to be at 65 percent

Rock County residents are showing up at the polls in a big way with turnout anticipated above 65 percent, according to the government officials.

With the governor’s race said to be pitting neighbor against neighbor, the recall election day appeared to offer some residents a bit of a relief.

“I am glad to get the robocalls over with as far as this election,” said Karla Nitz, of Janesville. “We can get on with the business of running the state of Wisconsin.”

First Lutheran Church is the busiest polling place in Janesville, officials said. With lines at times wrapping out the door, voters said they didn’t mind the wait.


“I’m just glad there’s a big turnout and excited everything’s over with,” said John O’Leary, a Barrett supporter.

“I’m hoping that brings everyone together a little bit, but mostly that I can listen to music on the radio again and not have to listen to everyone bad mouth each other,” said Susan Haffely-Stubbendick, a Barrett supporter.

Others said it was important for them to cast their ballot to show their support for how the governor has been running the state.

“There’s $18 million worth of money going to I didn’t get what I wanted. Let’s impeach Santa Claus,” said John, a Walker supporter.

“We put Walker in office to do a job and he’s doing what I believe he should be doing and I agree with him 100 percent,” Rodney Arneson said.

Janesville’s city clerk is anticipating more than 70 percent turnout in the city.

The Rock County clerk said about 65 percent voter turnout would fall short of percentage in the 2008 presidential election, but those numbers would surpass the number of votes cast in the governors race in 2010.