Rock County Republican Party opens Trump Victory office

JANESVILLE, Wis.– The Rock County Republican Party is moving forward in their effort to re-elect President Donald Trump and other local republican candidates on the ballot this November by opening a brand new Trump Victory Headquarters in Janesville.

The grand opening party hosted local candidates up for re-election, including Rep. Bryan Steil.

“We are in really challenging times, and the direction of our country is at stake on Nov. 3,” Steil said. “I think this is going to come down to two people and two directions for our country, and to me, it is very clear that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will be going in the wrong direction and Republican President Trump is going to move the country forward.”

Steil said the message the Republican Party is focusing on through November revolve around the topics affecting everyday lives.

“We have the right message. We want to defeat the coronavirus. We want to make sure that we rebuild this economy to get everybody back to work that wants a job, and we stand with law enforcement,” Steil said.

Rock County’s Republican Party is asking volunteers to contribute through door knocks and starting conversations in the community.

“We are coming in here on the home stretch. We are coming in at 12 weeks away, well inside of three months. We’re just over 2,000 hours,” Steil said. “You need to ask yourself what are you willing to do to help move our country forward towards a more perfect union.”

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Democratic Party is hosting virtual events for their campaign. Rep. David Bowen spoke on a Zoom conference during their Week of Action.

“We really have to get folks to see the light,” Bowen said. “Joe Biden, I believe has a plan and a commitment to ensure that we are fighting for issues and progress where there is no comparison between him and Donald Trump.”

Wisconsin’s Democratic Party is also making current issues a priority in their messaging. Spokesperson Philip Shulman said Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t good enough.

“Trump’s complete failure in responding to the coronavirus has led to countless lives needlessly lost. Now, even as Wisconsin continues to break case records, Trump and his henchman continue to show zero regard for how devastating this virus is. Their blatant disregard for the well-being of Wisconsinites’ lives is disqualifying,” Shulman said in a statement.

Shulman continued to state that Wisconsin Democrats support the idea the Biden could defeat the coronavirus and problems that have stemmed from the pandemic.

“Democrats proved in the April election, where Trump’s candidate was crushed by nearly 11 points, that voters want to be engaged safely, which means respecting social distancing guidelines by following a digital organizing model. The only way we can fully overcome this pandemic, return to normalcy and get our economy back on track is by electing Joe Biden the next president of the United States,” Shulman said in a statement.

Biden’s team announced earlier this week that he would not be traveling to Wisconsin for the Democratic National Convention due to the coronavirus.