Rock County releases new sketch of John Doe

Man's remains found in 1995 by Turtle Creek were never ID'd
Rock County releases new sketch of John Doe
John Clinton Doe

Investigators working on a cold case in Rock County have released a new sketch of the man they call John Clinton Doe.

A man died in the mid-90s, but officials still have not been able to identify him. The man was found near a creek in the town of Bradford, and investigators have not been able to determine his identity or even his age.

John Doe’s remains were found in November 1995 by Turtle Creek. Investigators estimate his body had been there a year before they found him.

Rock County officials said varying sketches may have also made it more difficult to identify the man.

Nothing was found at the scene other than a couple pieces of clothing, a pendant and a single shoe, but Yoerger hopes new technology will help give them more information on John Doe’s identity.

Neighbors in the area said they might have seen a man fitting the description stumbling in the same creek where the body was found a year later. Throughout the years, the unknown man has been referred to as River Man, and those investigating the case believe the two men are one in the same.

Through the efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Rock County officials said they received a new facial approximation for John Doe that they hope will trigger the memory of someone who may have known him.

Louis Smit, Rock County chief deputy and acting coroner, said he is optimistic the new face for John Doe will bring a break in the case.

“We’ve been looking for this young man for all this time, and now with this face created by starting with photos of JCD’s skull, we have a better shot at having someone, anyone, be reminded of him from this new sketch,” Smit said in the release.

Officials ask anyone with information in the case or who may recognize the rendering to contact the Rock County Sheriff’s Office at 608-757-7927.