Rock County lifts COVID-19 restrictions; businesses can fully reopen June 8

Small business open sign in Madison, WI

JANESVILLE, Wis. — Rock County is lifting all of its COVID-19 restrictions, meaning businesses will be allowed to return to 100% capacity by early next week.

Rock County Public Health officials mad the announcement Thursday, saying the decision was based on evaluation of regional COVID-19 statistics and trends. Officials said Rock County has seen a “significant decrease” in local COVID-19 activity and hospitalizations while vaccination rates have been “steadily increasing.”

The reopening plan will expire June 8.

Despite the end of reopening guidance, public health officials said anyone who is unvaccinated should continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing to protect themselves from the disease.

Some privately owned businesses, industries like health care, schools and public transportation, may still require masking despite the repealed public health guidance.

Anyone who is still unvaccinated is encouraged to get the shot to protect themselves and others against the disease. Anyone looking to get vaccinated can find a vaccine provider at or by calling 608-352-6727.