Rock County law enforcement agencies to assist Milwaukee Police during DNC

BELOIT, Wis.– Rock County law enforcement agencies will assist Milwaukee Police Department with crowd control during the Democratic National Convention in July.

Beloit Police Chief David Zibolski said the department will send eight members from their team who are a part of the Rock County Mobile Field Force. Those team members are trained to control large crowds.

“There’s a lot of strategies and tactics involved in placing people into either custody or moving crowds to safer locations,” Zibolski said.

Zibolski said Beloit Police Department is well-equipped to be of assistance.

“The experience that they bring back– comes back to beloit then and really helps the rest of the team,” Zibolski said,

The department will also be prepared for an increase in visitors and campaign events back at home during the campaign season.

“A lot of the crowds are here to express an opinion. As long as they don’t endanger anyone else and they conduct themselves in a safe manner, there is really no issue,” Zibolski said.

Zibolski added that they’re not helping out at the DNC for any political purposes, only for public safety.

“It doesn’t matter who the people are or what the event is, if it’s a public safety request, we are assisting them,” Zibolski said.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office and Janesville Police Department will also send personnel to Milwaukee, according to Zibolski.