Rock County Humane Society drops director

Board cites need to focus on customer service, donor relations
Rock County Humane Society drops director

The Rock County Humane Society is looking for a new director after parting ways with Angela Rhodes.

The Rock County Humane Society Board of Directors said in a release that it’s evaluating its options and will be pursuing candidates. The release stated the Humane Society had fallen short on customer service and donor relations.

The Humane Society was recently forced to close a satellite adoption center at a Janesville pet food store.

Rock County Humane Society Board of Directors Secretary Leslie Hulick said the Humane Society will focus on rekindling relationships around the community.

“There’s been mistakes made on both sides, and now we’re just looking at moving forward,” Hulick said. “The board is going to be more involved than we have been in the past, and we’re looking to take the information that we know now and move forward with it.”

Last month, the Janesville, Beloit and Edgerton police departments began a revised animal control contract. That new agreement has those officers sending animals to the Dane County Humane Society over the Rock County facility. Rhodes had told WISC-TV she was surprised by the new agreements.

Most of the municipalities cited cost as a reason for seeking services outside Rock County.


The law enforcement agencies that responded to calls Monday said they did not know anything about Rhodes’ departure and they did not have any contact with the board of directors to express any concerns over the shelter’s prices.

Hulick refused to comment on who made the decision for Rhodes to leave the position or exactly why that choice was made. She said that Rhodes was simply no longer a good fit for the organization.

“It wasn’t one specific thing that happened that this decision arose from,” Hulick said. “It was a variety of things, and we’re not looking back, we’re looking forward.”

Hulick stressed that the board of directors will take a more active role in the day-to-day operations of the Humane Society in the future. She said the board will carefully evaluate what direction the shelter will now take.

“We may not have understood the direction as much as we should have, so, looking forward, we’re just going to evaluate the whole operation and look at what decisions were made,” Hulick said. “We’re going to involve staff heavily in that because they’re the ones who know the shelter best.”

An interim director has been appointed. Hulick said she is not sure how long the hiring process will take but mentioned looking at personnel at large to see if any gaps in service need to be filled.