Rock County housing market shows gains

Single-family home sales increase 20 percent over last year
Rock County housing market shows gains

The housing market in Rock County is continuing to make significant gains.

According to the Rock-Green Realtors Association, the market has seen 14 months of consecutive growth.

After six years in their home west of Janesville, Heather and Noah Maslonka and their family are looking for a new place to live.

“We’re looking to stay in Janesville but move closer to my husband’s employment and just maybe downsize a little bit,” Heather Maslonka said.

The family’s four-bedroom, ranch-style home has been on the market for a month and a half.

According to the Rock-Green Realtors Association, there has been movement in the housing market for more than a year. Single-family home sales have gone up 20 percent over last year. That’s the longest stretch of growth in the last five years, and the latest numbers show the trend continuing.

“August, for example, showed an increase over last year of about 18 percent. The median price went up 9 percent over last year,” said Jerry Morse, president of the Rock Green Realtors Association.

“The increase that they are seeing shows the decrease we’re seeing in foreclosures,” said Eldred Mielke, Rock County clerk of courts.


Mielke credited the county’s homeowner recovery program with helping many families stay in their homes.

“As of today, we’ve had a little over 600 foreclosures this year, which is about half of what we had last year,” Mielke said.

“For the first time in a long time, we’re seeing homeowners getting multiple offers at the same time, where they have an opportunity to counter back and get a little better price,” Morse said.

After two open houses, the Maslonkas remain optimistic.

“I just have faith and know when the timing’s right, it will happen and it’ll sell. We’ve heard of some houses selling in town, so that’s a good sign,” Heather Maslonka said.

Morse said growth seems to be across all parts of the market regardless of the price or size of the property.