Rock Co. grant program audited

Questions arise about program's use of state funding

Rock County leaders must now respond to questions about how one program is using state funding.

The state audited the Community Development Block Grant program, which provides help to low-income Rock County home owners looking to fix up their homes.

The audit led to the state suspending program funding after identifying 15 findings and five concerns with how the county was keeping track of the grants.

According to the report, county employees failed to put certain documents in the case file.

The county has until Aug. 16 to respond to the report and make changes.

“Staffing; that was one of the concerns identified in the report,” said Randy Terronez, assistant Rock County administrator. “They believe we didn’t have adequate staffing to handle to volume of projects we were doing.”

If count leaders don’t reply they could lose $650,000 in grant money.