Rob Havenstein donates hair for good cause

Mother is a breast cancer survivor
Rob Havenstein donates hair for good cause

For three years, Wisconsin offensive lineman Rob Havenstein has looked like a lumber jack. Sporting a mop of hair and a scruffy beard, Havenstein hasn’t cut his hair since freshman year.

That changed this summer, when Havenstein finally decided to cut his flowing locks. 

He donated his hair to Locks Of Love, which is a charity that makes wigs out of human hair for those losing their own hair because of medical treatment. Havenstein cites his mother Cheryl as his inspiration. 

“My mother had breast cancer when I was in fourth grade, so I’ve always wanted to give back what I could.”

Havenstein says he hopes this donation is the first step of many he intends to take to help those battling cancer.

“Hopefully I can have a chance to give back even more in the coming years.” 

Cheryl recovered from the disease, but its impact wasn’t lost on her son. For now, Rob is just happy to make his mom happy. 

“She gave me a big hug, but I think she was more happy to see the hair go.”