Roads should be clear by morning commute, crews say

As the white stuff starts to wind down, crews are ramping up.
A generic photo of a snow plow

As the white stuff starts to wind down, crews are ramping up. Both city and county crews said roads are on schedule to be cleared by the morning commute.

“Our folks always get really excited. It’s almost like a hunter before the first day of hunting,” Jerry Mandli, the Dane County Public Works director, said of his crews.

Around 60 Dane County drivers will work Sunday and into Monday morning. They are in charge of plowing county roads, Interstate 90, Beltline, Highways 51, 12 and 18, among other roads. When all is said and done,they will have cleared more than 2,500 miles of road.

“When you’re listening to them on the radio it’s like a symphony as they help each other out,” Mandli said.

City of Madison Streets Division plans on having every city street cleared by the start of Monday morning. Madisonians can make that easier by following alternate side parking rules, which are in effect now until March 15. Park on the even numbered side the night before even days and park on the odd side the night before odd days. So for example, park on the even side Sunday night.

“That means on the even side of the street our plow trucks can clear the road and make it a travel lane for not only for our vehicles and trash trucks but also the Fire and Police Departments, cyclists and everybody else using the road,” Bryan Johnson, the spokesperson for Madison Streets Division, said. “Plows will clear the odd side of the street the next day.”

While the city and county have separate roads to tackle, they’re working with one common goal in mind.

“They are trying to make the roads safe so you can get to go where you want to go and ultimately they want to get home safe at the end of the night too,” Mandli said.
Even though the snow has stopped, officials said wind gusts could still make roads dangerousMonday morning.

“With the drifting and the blowing snow, you have to be careful. The roads will look beautiful but if you’re on a road that is a north and south road you have to be careful for rapidly changing conditions,” Mandli said.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to drive in the morning, drive slowly and keep your cellphone out of arm’s reach.