Riverside Alliant Energy plant in Rock County raises concerns of noise, frequency

TOWN OF BELOIT, Wis. – Construction of the Riverside Alliant Energy power plant in Rock County is still months away from being complete, but neighbors in the area say, it’s already a problem.

“What we noticed first was this loud humming in the house,” said Zac Davis, who lives near the plant. “Oftentimes we’ll wake up around two or three o’clock in the morning and hear a loud hum in the house.”

Over the course of the last two years, Davis says he’s invested thousands of dollars to soundproof his home with new windows and reinforced siding. Still, frequency levels, which he describes as feeling a train pass by, will wake him up at night.

Project Manager Bob Newell says his crews have tried their best to keep the community informed of the project’s progress.

“We’ve had six different neighborhood meetings basically every six months or so since the project started,” he said. “Just to get together with the neighbors and tell them what’s going on with the project.”

Newell says the biggest complaints his crew has gotten is minor traffic concerns. Sound was momentarily concern during intermittent “steam blows”, where the plant’s stacks would push out steam, but he says those issues have been addressed.

“Based on what we’ve heard since last fall, it’s much improved since last fall. But we’ll let the neighbors tell us if they feel that way,” he said.

Davis says, the noise and frequency levels have not stopped. His main concern is the problems will continue even after the plant opens this spring.