Richland Center woman charged in 2019 homicide arrested for violating bond conditions

Amber Lundgren Mugshot
Courtesy of the Sauk County Sheriff's Office

RICHLAND CENTER, Wis. — A Richland Center woman who admitted to killing a man in 2019 was arrested Wednesday for violating the terms of her bond conditions.

Amber Lundgren, 37, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting death of 37-year-old Christopher Lytle.

Authorities with the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office said 37-year-old Amber Lundgren was supposed to report daily to the Richland County Sheriff’s Office between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. On Wednesday, Lundgren failed to show up. She was released from custody Nov. 2, 2020 on a $10,000 cash bond.

Richland County Sheriff’s Office officials later arrested Lundgren following a request from Sauk County authorities. She was booked on felony bail jumping for failing to follow the conditions set at the time of her release.

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Lundgren’s trial was originally scheduled for Aug. 2-13, but a motion from her attorney’s delayed the trial so an appeal could be considered. Lundgren’s trial is scheduled to start May 16, 2022.

According to a criminal complaint, Lundgren shot Lytle in the head after he tried touching her. Detectives said surveillance footage showed Lytle entering Lundgren’s car in the parking lot of Ho-Chunk Gaming in Wisconsin Dells. Lundgren told authorities Lytle asked to do drugs with her and that he tried touching her while the two were together.

Lundgren said she then pulled over and got into a fight with Lytle. She took out a gun during the altercation and shot Lytle in the head, according to the complaint.

Lundgren reportedly dated Lytle years ago and hadn’t spoken to him in 13 years.

An autopsy confirmed Lytle was shot twice; he suffered gunshot wounds between his head and neck. Authorities said Lundgren didn’t call 911 or warn Lytle that she was armed before shooting him. She allegedly didn’t check on Lytle to see if he was still breathing either.