Richland Center sets pumpkin carving record

A southwestern Wisconsin community has set a world record for the longest line of carved pumpkins.

Residents of Richland Center carved nearly 4,000 pumpkins, giving each one two eyebrows, two eyes, a nose and a mouth. The pumpkins were then placed in a line almost 3,100 feet long.

The local Walmart donated 3,000 pumpkins to the effort, and when the city ran out, local farmers and others donated more.

Organizers spent nearly a week preparing for the carving.

“Everyone in this community came out and carved. It was an amazing event to see so many families out here, Richland Center Mayor Paul Corcoran said.

A Guinness World Records official arrived by helicopter to the city Sunday afternoon before declaring the previous record broken.

The final number of pumpkins in the line was 3,975, Corcoran said.

“I just can’t believe how many of them are out there and how beautiful they look,” Connie Dunn, who helped gut some of the pumpkins, said.

A group in Japan held the previous record for setting 2,015 carved pumpkins in a line last Halloween.