Richland Center business owner receives fake check

Fake check promises more cash
Richland Center business owner receives fake check

A Richland Center business owner is warning others about a “fake check” she received that promised her even more cash if only she’d pay the fees and taxes on the front end.

Linda Troxel, who owns the Route 14 Bar and Grille, and her boyfriend, Philip Prochaska, received a letter in the mail ostensibly from Global Payments, Inc. which promised her $50,000. As a down payment, the letter included a $3,810 check and asked for a $1,500 payment for “fees and taxes.”

Prochaska called the bank which issued the check and discovered the routing number didn’t match and neither did the company logo on the letter. They also called the number on the letter asking more information and the person on the other end hung up on them.

“Everybody today, the economy’s bad, everybody needs every dime they’ve got, so I don’t want people hurt,” Troxel said. “You know it’s a scam and we didn’t do anything, thank goodness. But there’s a million people out there. If we got this and we’re in a little town, I’m sure a lot of people got this.”

They plan to file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.