Reuniting “The House”

Repairing the damage from a damaging election.
Reuniting “The House”



We are a “house divided,” regardless of the outcome of this election. The truth, and I think a lot of us know it, is the impact of the presidential election is far less than we make it out to be. There are people with far more influence over our lives than the president of the United States. But we have attached so much emotion and intensity to this choice, imbuing it with values and beliefs that are at best unrealistic, and it has turned neighbor against neighbor and in the worst cases family member against family member. Isn’t that crazy?

Our challenge today is not who is president or who is not president, but how we come together and repair the bitter, angry, resentful insecure ugliness of these last two years. We are better than this. We are smarter than this. We are more capable than this. There was no better example of this than our We The People citizens who were oasis of common sense. The election is over. Now let’s rebuild our house.