Retailers see strong sales on Cyber Monday

More Americans shopping online this holiday season
Retailers see strong sales on Cyber Monday

Retailers are hoping that “couch commerce” moves the holiday shopping spirit along, as $1 in $5 spent this year is expected to be online.

On Cyber Monday, Sarah Schroeder was busy at Lands’ End filling customers’ orders as shoppers loaded up their digital shopping carts.

“They probably don’t know that we actually have to sort it all and then put it all in stacks and make sure no pieces are missing and all the pieces are the correct pieces,” Schroeder said.

“This day is really going to be our biggest day so far. We actually had a very exciting morning. We had a morning where we had 24,000 orders actually placed in one hour,” said Michelle Casper, spokeswoman for Lands’ End.

Rob Tanner, a professor of marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the ever-growing access to the Internet means Cyber Monday may not have the economic punch it once had in years past, when shoppers turned to the office for high-speed online deals.

“This classic distinction between the Black Friday — bricks and mortar — and Cyber Monday was the Internet is kind of blurred now that we have, in many cases, multiple mobile devices at home,” Tanner said. “Anytime you manage to institutionalize in the consumer’s head, ‘I will shop on a certain day,’ that’s an amazingly powerful thing for retailers to take advantage of.”


Lands’ Ends said its conveyor belts will carry 30,000 items an hour, all thanks to Cyber Monday.

“So it’s a very exciting day. We’re seeing lots of great response from our customers. We’re doing lots of great promotional deals so that our customers can get a great value on Cyber Monday,” Casper said.

Earlier this year, Lands’ End announced layoffs of nearly 200 workers from its Dodgeville call center, all because fewer customers were making their orders over the phone. Lands’ End specifically cited an increase in its online orders as a reason why this day is so important to the company.