Restorative court helps with intervention, prevention

Restorative court helps with intervention, prevention

Even as we were rolling our editorial agenda for the year last week, relevant stories were piling up.

Case in point – Dane County was notified it’ll receive a $50,000 grant to expand its Community Restorative Court.

The grant, from the MacArthur Foundation, recognizes the value of connecting young offenders with their victims and offering accepting responsibility for their offense and repairing the damage they’ve done in exchange for a life-long criminal record.

Among other things, these examples of restorative justice reduce racial disparities. But they also work in reducing recidivism as well.

Community Restorative Courts are among the reforms we are championing in our Intervention & Prevention agenda item.

We’re pleased Dane County has joined just 20 jurisdictions across the county in the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge. And we’re pleased to see the court’s countywide expansion from the south side.