Resolution to bring adult changing tables for people with disabilities to Dane Co. facilities

MADISON, Wis.— The ability to use a public restroom is something many take for granted, but for some people, a trip to the bathroom requires accommodation that isn’t available in most places. Leaders in Dane County are working to help change that.

At Thursday’s Dane County Board meeting, Supervisor Aaron Collins introduced a resolution that would bring electric, height adjustable, universal changing stations to county facilities with the highest foot traffic like the Henry Vilas Zoo, Dane County Regional Airport, and the Alliant Energy Center.

“This policy is really trying to live out our Dane County values about being inclusive and equitable and making sure that everyone can enjoy all the spaces that we have,” Collins said.

Collins also said when they started looking into the plan, it was important for them to make sure the voices of disability advocates, caregivers, families, and people with disabilities who would be accessing the new spaces would be included in the conversation.

In a survey sent out to disability advocacy groups, 92.6 percent of respondents said they were more likely to visit public spaces that were equipped with universal changing tables.

The resolution will head next to Committee in the next 2 to 3 weeks, if passed actual equipment could be installed in about a year and a half.