Resident of prison-like home in Baraboo to move to another small town

Man living in fortified home has pleaded guilty to attempted strangulation
Resident of prison-like home in Baraboo to move to another small town
Baraboo facility

A man who is being housed in a fortified facility in Baraboo will be moved 30 minutes northwest to another small town, officials said.

Jeremy Felix has pleaded guilty to attempted strangulation, and Baraboo police have reported he has sent at least 10 people to the hospital.

Last year he started living in that fortified Baraboo home with four workers guarding him around the clock, but officials with the Department of Health Services said that care meets state standards.

Now, Felix is apparently heading to the town of Winfield, which is home to about 800 people.

Ronald Churchill, the town chairman, said the community learned Felix was moving there sometime last week.

Felix will be living in a rural residence on County Road WD, but hasn’t moved yet.

There was a community meeting Tuesday night, and Churchill said a lot of people expressed concern about the facility.

Care Wisconsin, which contracts out to a private company, Dungarvin, to run Felix’s care released a statement, saying “This move follows a well-established community residential placement for this member, and offers opportunities for the member to participate in the community.”

“As with his past residence, the client will follow an established, structured program,” the statement said. “This plan has been developed with the continued safety of our members, staff and community in mind. It is in everyone’s best interest that the privacy of this individual is maintained to preserve the client’s rights and privacy.”

Churchill said he doesn’t know if the town can stop Felix from moving in, but town leaders are going to try.

The statement from Care Wisconsin said the Department of Health Services will oversee Felix’s care along with Dungarvin.