Rescue horses adopted at second annual Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge

A total of 14 horse and trainer teams competed at the second annual Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge on Saturday at the Alliant Center. The grand prize is finding a new home.

“Magnificent trainers showing how fantastic rescue horses can be, and what amazing horses there are for adoption,” said Karen Bayerl, Wisconsin Horse Alliance co-president.

Six of the horses were adopted at the competition.

“You’re not only saving one life,” Bayerl said. “You’re saving two because you’re adopting one horse and then that rescue can bring in another horse to take that one’s place.”

All horses were rescued with little to no skills. Trainers spent the last 90 days working on a skill set that would help the horses find a good home. Emily Lundquist, a trainer, worked with Glory, a rescue horse, for about the last 90 days.

Say hi to Glory and her trainer, Emily. They’re competing today at the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge. Glory is adoptable and ready for a good home. #News3Now

— Gabriella Bachara (@GabbyBachara) October 19, 2019

“We’ve done a little bit of everything,” Lundquist said. “Some ground work, definitely some riding, trail riding, just as much as we can in those 90 days.”

Glory had no training when she was rescued.

“It’s a lot of work and definitely the dedication of working with them every single day. They’re all different so sometimes they pick up on something a little faster or slower than others. So, being able to take that time and give them what they need is super important,” Lundquist said.

Lundquist said the challenge is worth it.

“Just seeing the end result– you start with something that is a complete fresh slate and seeing your end result of giving these horses a second chance of life,” Lundquist said.

Bayerl said training is essential for rescue horses to find a good home.

“It is kind of like the final puzzle piece for a horse in looking for a good home is to get that training on them,” Bayerl said.

Glory was not adopted at the competition. Applications to adopt a rescue horse can be found online.

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