Republican senator questions opioid immunity bill

A Republican legislator is questioning a bill that would grant heroin overdosers legal immunity.

The measure is one of 11 bills included a special legislative session Gov. Scott Walker called in January to address opioid and abuse. The proposal would ensure someone who suffers an overdose would be immune from having his probation, parole or extended supervision revoked and from being prosecuted for possession.

Bill sponsor Sen. Sheila Harsdorf told the Senate judiciary committee during a hearing Tuesday that the bill would save lives.

Committee member Duey Stroebel questioned whether possessing a large amount of drugs would negate immunity.

Harsdorf responded that the bill would prohibit prosecution for possession. Stroebel commented that the bill provides no accountability for large-scale possession.

Stroebel aide Ethan Hollenberger said Stroebel supports the bill.