Republican lawmakers put up second Christmas tree in Capitol after removal of first


MADISON, Wis. — Two Republican lawmakers have put up a new Christmas tree in the Wisconsin State Capitol hours after the first was removed Tuesday.

The original tree was put up earlier in the month after Gov. Tony Evers said the state tree would not be in the Capitol building due to the pandemic and building’s closure to the public.

According to Rep. Paul Tittl, he and Shae Sortwell found out in the morning that the tree would be removed. The lawmakers had a backup tree and set up the second one Tuesday afternoon in the rotunda.

Tittl received ornaments from all over the country to add to the tree and plans on donating extra ornaments to nursing homes in his district.

He said the tree is artificial and does not cost anything. The lawmakers have also applied for a permit to have the tree there. If the new tree is taken down, Tittl said additional trees will be supplied.

The representative also livestreamed the tree’s installation on his Facebook page.