Republican lawmaker won’t seek re-election

Republican lawmaker won’t seek re-election

Republican state Rep. Jesse Kremer says he won’t seek re-election this fall.

Kremer, of Kewaskum, announced Tuesday that he won’t run in November and plans to return to his job as a pilot.

Kremer is in the middle of his second two-year Assembly term. He has authored bills that would allow the University of Wisconsin System to expel students who disrupt speakers or presentations, make it harder for the public to view police body camera footage and prohibit government officials from banning natural Christmas trees from churches and the state Capitol despite the fire risk.

His announcement comes a week after Democrat Patty Schachtner upset Republican Rep. Adam Jarchow for an open seat in a deeply red northwestern Wisconsin state Senate seat. Kremer said Schachtner’s win wasn’t a factor in his decision not to run.