Representing Children and The Rainbow Project

Representing Children and The Rainbow Project
Linda Balisle

Madison Magazine: Describe your involvement with The Rainbow Project.

I was, and continue to be, grateful for the remarkable work they do with traumatized children and their families who are not always served well in the legal system.  I refer people to them a lot, I have raised money for them, and I talk about them as much as possible.

MM: What has been the most beneficial element of this program for you?

MM: How has this program and its events enhanced the Madison community?

By working with children who have suffered the most difficult to imagine traumas at a young age, our community has healthier children, teens and adults in the long run. 

MM: What is your favorite part of the “Rhumba 4 Rainbow” event?

MM: Did being in Madison make this program more possible than attempting to participate in another city?

MM: How did the 10th annual Rhumba 4 Rainbow go?