Report: Chryst to receive reduced $11M buyout following firing

MADISON, Wis. — Former Wisconsin Badgers head football coach Paul Chryst will reportedly receive a reduced $11 million buyout following his sudden firing over the weekend.

ESPN reporter Adam Rittenberg, who first broke the news of Chryst’s ouster Sunday evening, said the now-former coach will get the buyout to be paid no later than Feb. 1. The money, Rittenberg tweeted, will come from the University of Wisconsin Foundation.

UW Athletic Director Chris McIntosh announced Chryst’s firing during a Sunday night news conference, saying the move “is in the long-term best interest of our football program.”

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During the news conference, McIntosh declined to share specifics about Chryst’s buyout but said the dollar figure both sides agreed to was “significantly less than the ($16 million-$19 million) numbers that have been reported or even the number that would have been due per the terms of his contract.”

Earlier this year, the University of Wisconsin’s Athletics Board extended Chryst’s contract for five years; before he was fired, that contract had been set to run through Jan. 31, 2027.