Report: Bielema didn’t know Obama was in Madison

Men's basketball team met privately with Obama
Report: Bielema didn’t know Obama was in Madison

The impact of President Barack Obama in Madison varied widely, depending on what you were doing on Thursday.

For example, look at two different groups in the UW Athletic Department.

The men’s basketball team had a private meeting with Obama while he was in Madison. They were seen behind Obama when he spoke to the crowd of 30,000 on Bascom Hill.

However, men’s football coach Bret Bielema admitted to reporters at a media session after practice Thursday he didn’t even know the president was in town.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Bielema was asked about the president being on campus Thursday, and he looked confused.

“President of our …?” Bieliema told reporters. “I have no idea what’s going on.”

When Bielema was told that President Obama was on campus, he admitted, “The shell I live in, I have no idea.”