Report: Beaver Dam won’t allow kangaroos as service animals

Report: Beaver Dam won’t allow kangaroos as service animals

Beaver Dam Common Council voted to not allow kangaroos to be considered service animals after a woman brought her kangaroo into a McDonald’s.

The Daily Citizen reported that the council unanimously approved Monday a definition redefining a service animal as a dog or miniature horse and not a kangaroo.

The vote was in response to a January incident in which Diana Moyer agreed to leave a McDonald’s restaurant in Beaver Dam after a customer complained about the kangaroo she was carrying.

Moyer said she takes her baby kangaroo everywhere, including the movies and church. She said the kangaroo is a therapy animal for which she has a doctor’s approval.

Moyer lives on a farm near Columbus and has a collection of animals, including sheep, goats, emu, deer, horses and chickens. Larry Moyer said his wife is undergoing cancer treatments, and the baby kangaroo serves as a therapeutic animal.

Jimmy the joey goes shopping with the couple at East Towne Mall multiple times a week. The animal has also accompanied them to a Beaver Dam McDonald’s in the past, until police asked them to leave the fast-food restaurant.