Repeat peeping Tom suspect will be sent to mental health facility

Repeat peeping Tom suspect will be sent to mental health facility

A Madison man facing charges accusing him of entering a University of Wisconsin-Madison dorm and taking illicit photos of women will be sent to a mental health facility.

Larry Seidl, 18, is accused of several incidents of bringing a camera into a dorm bathroom to take pictures of women.

During a competency hearing Tuesday, Seidl was sent to a mental health facility where he would get treatment and the court would be updated throughout a years’ time.

At the end of 12 months, if he’s still deemed not competent to stand trial, his charges will be dismissed and he’ll become a ward of the state. If during the course of his treatment he is ever determined competent to stand trial, the District Attorney’s Office would refile the charges.

Seidl was arrested Aug. 30 after he got inside Sellery Hall by “piggybacking” off residents who were entering the building. Shortly after entering Sellery, the man entered a women’s restroom and pointed a camera at a resident.

A few hours after that incident, Seidl was accused in a similar incident and of grabbing a woman’s butt on State Street.

Seidl was arrested again on Sept. 7 after UW police said he once again illegally entered a UW dorm and took illicit photos of women inside a bathroom.

Seidl was also facing charges for allegedly following a woman into a bathroom at Memorial High School in May.