Rep. Stubbs introduces legislation to target racial profiling

Sheila Stubbs

MADISON, Wis. — Rep. Shelia Stubbs has introduced legislation that creates a civil cause of action, for racially motivated police calls.

The bill would allow victims of color to sue callers, up to $250, for calling the police with the intent to cause harm.

According to Stubbs, it’s time to end racial profiling by proxy in Wisconsin and this includes black and brown people having the police called on them when they’re engaging in legal, everyday activities.

“This bill creates a pathway to justice for victims who are feeling humiliated, discriminated, fear of having the police called on them for doing nothing other than existing.” said Stubbs.

Stubbs said, she was a victim of racial profiling herself when campaigning in a predominantly white neighborhood. 

According to a police report, in 2018, an officer questioned Stubbs responding to a tip from a caller who believed those in Stubbs’ car were waiting for drugs.

Similar legislation has been pursued in other states across the country including New York, Michigan, Oregon and Washington.

Stubbs is the first African-American ever elected from Dane County to the State Legislature.