Rep. Mark Pocan says he won’t run for Sen. Ron Johnson’s seat in 2022

MADISON, Wis. — Congressman Mark Pocan says he won’t be running for Senator Ron Johnson’s seat in 2022.

The Madison Democrat made the announcement Monday.

“While I am honored many people have asked me to run for the Senate in 2022, at this time the best way for me to fight for Wisconsin and for progressive values is to stay in the House of Representatives,” Rep. Pocan said in a statement.

Rep. Pocan serves on the House Appropriations committee, and says his growing seniority on that committee gives him a better chance to deliver results than he would in the Senate.

“To start my seniority all over in the Senate would be a less effective path to getting the work done for which I came to Congress,” said Rep. Pocan.

Rep. Pocan was re-elected to another term in the House in November.

Sen. Ron Johnson has previously said he wouldn’t run for re-election, but has yet to formally make an announcement. Democrats are expected to aggressively target the seat in the 2022 midterm elections.