Rep. Gwen Moore and Rep. Ilhan Omar visit Ft. McCoy

They heard details on plans to resettle Afghan refugees
Rep Moore And Rep Omar

FT. MCCOY, Wis. — Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) visited Ft. McCoy Saturday, as plans to resettle Afghan refugees housed there begin to take shape.

The two were joined by members of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition.

The visit was prompted by a request from Coalition President Janan Atta Najeeb.

“Members of the community were concerned about conditions at Ft. McCoy,” Rep. Moore said.

But Saturday’s visit seems to have assuaged those concerns.

“They are doing a very thorough job here,” Moore said. “This has been a great source of support here.”

The representatives were also briefed on resettlement plans for the refugees.

“People will not be just thrown out of Ft. McCoy until arrangements are made,” Moore said. “We’re very proud to be the states that welcome new Americans.”

The Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition also brought a truck full of donated items for the refugees.

“They have not come prepared for this [colder temperatures],” Janan Atta Najeeb said.

The Coalition intends to keep a continuous discussion with Ft. McCoy staff on what items are needed.