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Rejuvenation Spa

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At Rejuvenation Spa, a full-service Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa in both Madison and Sun Prairie, the offerings are endless. From full body exfoliation therapy services and a plethora of waxing offers, to nail services, cosmetics, extensive hair care and bridal services, Rejuvenation Spa satisfies every client’s needs.

Trained in the Aveda philosophy, Rejuvenation therapists know that while you want the highest quality products, high quality treatments and service are just as important. To make sure your trip to the spa is the most relaxing part of your day, services can include stress relieving treatments of hand and foot massages, makeup touchups and sensory journeys using hot aroma steam towels.

While on your trip to the spa, being environmentally friendly most likely isn’t top of mind. Luckily for you, Rejuvenation Spa has partnered with Greencircle Salons and is working toward a more sustainable salon and spa industry.

Any foils or color tubes from your hair service are repurposed into new materials, and any chemicals used during your treatment are disposed of in a safe, eco-friendly way that prevents them from entering landfills and waterways. In fact, these chemicals are often repurposed into new energy sources. Hair clippings are turned into containment booms to clean up oil spills and pillows for international aid efforts.

In addition to working toward a more sustainable industry, Rejuvenation Spa is dedicated to giving back to the Madison-area community. It supports American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program, which teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Rejuvenation Spa also participates in Aveda’s Earth Month Walk for Water, foodbank Christmas benefits, and many other charity benefits and events.

So, while you’re getting pampered with one (or a few!) of Rejuvenation Spa’s plethora of services, you’re doing much more than that. You’re helping create not just a more sustainable spa industry, but a more sustainable world, all while indulging in relaxation and total wellness.

Madison, 7420 Mineral Point Road, 831-7546; Sun Prairie, 2824 Prairie Lakes Drive, 837-2200;

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