Red Cross campaign urges people to donate blood during the summer

Summer sees a 20 percent downturn in donations
Red Cross campaign urges people to donate blood during the summer

The American Red Cross is kicking off their summer campaign, “100 days of summer. 100 days of hope,” to encourage people to donate during the next during the summer months, when they have an increased need.

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S is in need of blood, that’s why donors like Julie Houg, spend their time giving blood, and platelets. 

“To me it’s just overwhelming, it’s just overwhelming to meet these people and see how well they are doing and just knowing that if it weren’t for other platelets donators, then these kids and people would not be here,” said donor, Julie Houg.

Julie has been a faithful donor to the Red Cross for over thirty years, something she wishes people would consider more often.

“A lot of people don’t start until someone they know has been in need. But there is a lot of people in need, before someone you know maybe in need, so why not start and just do it,” said Houg.

During the summer, the Red Cross sees at least a twenty percent decrease in donations, mostly from high school and college blood drives; due to summer vacation.

 It’s a shortage, the Red Cross said people in need cannot afford.

“Even when the weather is nice, even when people might be out enjoying themselves;  there are patients in need who just don’t get a break from that,” said Communications Program Manager, Brian Gomez.

Gomez said there is always a need for blood donors. The Red Cross is asking everyone to choose one day this summer to help save a life.

 “If you are in a car accident or if your pregnant and you need blood during your childbirth, people just assume that the blood is going to be there; but there is only a forty-two day shelf life on whole blood and only five days on platelets and that supply has to constantly be replenished,” Gomez said.

The Red Cross said one blood donation can save up to three lives. Those who want to donate must be 17 or older ( or 16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health to be eligible to donate blood.

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