Recruits to practice in supervised house burn on Junction Road

Training operation takes place on the west side Thursday morning
Recruits to practice in supervised house burn on Junction Road

Firefighters in training will participate in a live interior practice operation on the west side Thursday morning.

A house on the 3700 block of Junction Road will serve as the Madison Fire Department’s burn location, with the exercise set to begin at 10:30 a.m.

The class of 20 students will practice firefighting tactics, safety and the use of personal protective equipment under controlled circumstances, the department said. Using the example of two furnished bedrooms on the first floor of the burn house, trainees will be able to observe the importance of keeping bedroom doors closed to block smoke. It is safer to sleep with bedroom doors closed, the department said, to help to slow the travel of toxic fumes and smoke during a fire.

The MFD Training Division is also preparing scenarios for fire investigators to study fire behavior and burn patterns.

The recruit class is Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis’ first since taking over as fire chief in January. Prior to being named chief, he was a training officer.

Neighbors are invited to observe the training from a safe distance. Fire Department personnel will be at the scene to explain elements of the training drills.