Recovery program helps repeat drunken drivers

Three graduate from program

Too often we hear reports of multiple offense drunken drivers, but a new program in Wisconsin has had success with a recovery plan for those offenders.

The program is run through the Department of Corrections in Dane County, and it celebrated its one-year anniversary and three graduations.

The treatment plan is longer than traditional incarceration consequences but the idea is to offer long-term healing.

“[You] listen to one man talk about his graduation, had he opted to go the other route and not take part in drug treatment court, he would have been done with his sanctions several months ago. But instead he realized that the alcohol, OWI court and treatment was what he needed so he opted to stay in that program,” said Department of Corrections Secretary Gary Hamblin.

Third time offenders were the target of the program, which substitute’s longer treatment and supervision for jail time.