Recovery Alignment Day aims to help those affected by substance use disorders, fight opioid epidemic

MADISON, Wis. — A local addiction service held events at the Capitol on Tuesday in honor of Wisconsin Recovery Alignment Day.

Pharmacy benefits provider Serve You Rx teamed up with the non-profit group Start Healing Now to introduce new overdose aid kits. The kits contain Narcan, information about how to administer the drug in an emergency and other information for those impacted by the opioid epidemic.

The program is a collaboration to fight the opioid epidemic and provide support to those impacted by substance use disorders.

“The goal more or less is the recovery community is here,” Serve You Rx’s outreach program manager Jessica Geschke said. “We are here, we are speaking out, we are together and we are showing that we want a seat at that table, we want to be able to show and tell what matters most to us, and I think the outcome is just that we want to be heard.”

The event featured 41 resource tables with 150 people registered for the informational day.