Recount begins in Dane, Milwaukee counties

MADISON, Wis. — Votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties are being checked again as the partial recount kicks off in Wisconsin.

The Trump campaign has focused its efforts on two counties, both which handed big margins to President-elect Joe Biden.

This process, like the rest of the election, is open for anyone to watch, and inside the Monona Terrace, observers from both sides watch the votes for president be counted again.

Before the counting started the Trump team asked the Dane County board of canvassers to toss three kinds of ballots: those where a poll worker filled in the witness address, a person voted in-person absentee, or the voter marked that they are indefinitely confined – all which have methods permitted under state law.

Though the increase in ballots for voters who are “indefinitely confined” increased this election, a spokesperson for Disability Rights-Wisconsin said these types of ballots serve an important purpose.

“Wisconsin’s indefinitely confined statute has been on the books for decades, and provides an important safeguard to ensure many disabled, elderly and physically ill voters can cast a ballot,” the organization wrote in part of a statement.

Dane County Clerk and board of canvassers member Scott McDonell joined his colleagues in voting against throwing those and the other ballots out.

“Just really inappropriate to target two counties to try to make a legal point and try to exclude their votes,” McDonell said. “If this is a legal challenge to all of that type, I suppose that can go to court, so we weren’t going to exclude those votes in Dane County.”

Since then the count has been going, and aside from nightly and Thanksgiving breaks, it will continue until tabulators are finished.

“It’s starting to pick up the pace, and people are understanding of how it’s going and that’ll help us really move along,” McDonell said.

The work must be done by Dec. 1, but the chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin joins others in thinking the story doesn’t end there.

“From there you will see, likely, probably a court proceedings on what was found during this recount process,” said GOP Chairman Andrew Hitt.

There is no precedent for a recount overturning as large of a margin as Joe Biden got in the state.

After votes were certified, Biden had more than 20,500 more votes than President Trump.