Recent report on Wisconsin CARES Act funds from U.S. Treasury doesn’t show full spending picture

MADISON, Wis. — A recent report from the U.S. Treasury Department shows Wisconsin spent 3.8% of the money it got from the last round of coronavirus relief by June 30, but those numbers don’t account for all spending.

After the federal government passed the CARES Act, Wisconsin got about $2.2 billion dollars. Some of that went to Milwaukee city and county or Dane County, leaving the state with $1.9 billion to spend.

The Evers administration also wrote in its quarterly report to the inspector general with the U.S. Treasury Department that the state spent around $67 million in emergency response by June 30 and an additional approximate $108 million in emergency response since then, and it plans to include both in CARES Act spending at the end of the fiscal year.

Overall the Evers administration has announced $1.72 billion in programs to assist Wisconsinites, from direct payments to farmers to rental assistance. A spokesperson for the governor said the funds are distributed “on at least a weekly basis throughout the state.”

News 3 Now checked in with some of those programs locally, at UW Health – for a program designed to offset revenue losses for hospitals – and the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association – for a rental assistance program – and both said they have been paid. At WisCAP they said $7.5 million has been paid out to assist approximately 4,000 households.

Another reason for discrepancy is some relief programs have just closed the application window at the end of July, meaning the money has been promised but not yet been spent.