Recalled senator to lead economic group

Hopper hopes for fresh start
Recalled senator to lead economic group

Former state Sen. Randy Hopper has been tabbed to lead the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp.

The 46-year-old Republican was recalled from office last summer. He was also recently acquitted of drunken driving. He told The Sheboygan Press he’s hoping for a fresh start.

In his new role, Hopper will lead the county’s effort to recruit new businesses and retain the existing ones.

In addition to his political and legal issues, Hopper also came under scrutiny for issues related to a girlfriend who had received a state job in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

Gary Dulmes is the organization’s board president. He said the hiring committee did its due diligence before reaching its unanimous decision. He said the board doesn’t expect Hopper’s previous issues to affect his job performance.