Recall elections cost taxpayers $13.5 million

GAB: Extra elections put stress on clerks
Recall elections cost taxpayers $13.5 million

The Government Accountability Board says the cost of the gubernatorial recall elections to local taxpayers was $13.5 million.

The report states the June 5 recall election cost local governments $7.2 million, including $2.3 million in poll worker wages, $1.9 million in staff salaries, $984,000 in ballots and $596,000 in programming costs.

The May 8 gubernatorial primary cost $6.3 million.

“Instead of conducting two primaries and two elections this year, Wisconsin election officials will be conducting six elections, which added approximately $13.5 million in unbudgeted costs,” GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said.

He said the unplanned elections put significant stress on clerks.

Gov. Scott Walker won the June 5 recall election against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett after public opposition to limits put on collective bargaining for public employees.